Web & Wire Slings

Web Slings

Ships' cargo handling gear arrives at Universal Rope Fabrication for inspection, culling and packaging for re-use.

Visual inspection of web and wire slings is the first step in the cull process. For web slings, the visual culling includes edge damage, abrasions and wrap thread damage as per Transport Canada's Web Sling Wear Standards.

Information on »»Transport Canada's Wear Standards.

On arrival...
web sling inspection

...ready to ship!
web sling repair to DOT standards


Wire Slings

Arrive like this...
wire sling inspection, repair and transportation

...leave like this!
wire sling repair to DOT standards

After visual inspection, wire slings go through the straightening process. This allows the slings to be bundled into manageable quantities for easy inventory monitoring and handling with loading cargo.





Transport Canada Wear Standards

Wear Standard for Cargo Gear

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