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safety rope products for marinas
Custom made nylon safety net with tool catcher.

Two views of the custom made helicopter deck containment net
for the Coast Guard ship 'Eckaloo.'

Safety net for bridge re-construction in southwest British Columbia.

Personnel & Debris Nets

Our custom made nets meet the Workers Compensation and ANSI Standard requirements of Section A10.11-1989. Construction and demolition workers are subject to many hazards that cannot be eliminated from the work place. The ANSI Standards Committee recommends that personnl nets shall be installed to protect people working at heights, who are not protected by other fall protection.

Material used for personnel and debris nets may be of natural or synthetic fiber. The nets shall be designed and constructed in combination with material to minimize fall arrest injuries such as entanglement of a fallen person's head, arms and legs.

Safety net on hatch at the secondary treatment plant on Annacis Island.